“Joanne is so great to deal with! She trained me over 8 sessions where I lost inches and pounds, but not only that I learnt so much from her. She taught me how to use the various machines so for someone like me who was scared of going to the gym it gave me the knowledge and confidence boost to go! She really pushes you whilst also figuring out what works for you and what you are comfortable with. If you are looking for a PT I would recommend Joanne in a heartbeat!” KT, Edmonton

“I’ve really enjoyed starting to work with Joanne over the last 6 weeks. I have learned ways to exercise both at the gym and at home that make me feel more equipped to reach my fitness goals. Her style of training is perfect for me. She has a great balance of pushing me forward but also encouraging me at the same time.”  JR, Edmonton

“Great experience all around. Joanne has gone above and beyond as a trainer to help me achieve my fitness goals. She’s knowledgeable, personable and always has your best interest in mind. Not only has she gotten me in the best shape of my life, she has also strengthened my body enough I no longer have any discomfort from old injuries. A broken wrist I couldn’t do one push-up on our first session is now full strength and no bother. Thank you Joanne for the time you have invested in my well being and teaching me the necessities of living a happy, strong and healthy lifestyle.” LJ, Sherwood Park

“Awesome workouts, never the same workout, which makes going to the gym that much more enjoyable. Very flexible on your needs and wants and awesome results. I highly recommend serene fitness, best trainer that I have ever had and will always have:)” AT, Sherwood Park

“I have lost 10 lbs of body fat and ten inches overall since I have started with Joanne! My time spent with her has altered my work out habits for weight training to weighted cardio training. I am so happy to have a trainer that pushes me harder every work out. The variety in my workouts kept me motivated and excited to come to the gym. I am always challenged and have seen amazing results. Joanne showed me that my workout can be fun, challenging and  energizing all at the same time I couldn’t of asked for a better match for a trainer!” CM, Sherwood Park

“Since working out with Joanne I have lost 7 lbs of body fat. I enjoy being pushed harder with every workout and the variety of exercises Joanne has me do keeps it fun and challenging. I have a two year old grandson and now have the energy to wear him out. My health has improved and I am going off of my medication for high blood pressure. I enjoy getting complements from my friends and coworkers of how good I look” RO, Edmonton

“Joanne’s work outs are super motivating because of the effort she puts into designing personalized workouts that balance overall functional movements and cardio with exercises that target my equestrian specific goals.” DT, Sherwood Park

“Last year I decided to get a trainer so that I could be accountable to my weight loss goals.  After working out with Joanne for 6 months I have lost weight and maintained it through the use of Joanne’s weekly recipes.  My energy levels have improved immensely and I look forward to the dynamic work outs Joanne has to offer.  I have been extremely pleased with the results Joanne has helped me achieve.  She is a great trainer and has taught me so many things about different training techniques, healthy eating and about achieving my goals” NB, Edmonton

“Having a healthy lifestyle and body is very important. I am working out with the assistance of a personal trainer who only did not make u exercise but also plan your meals with easy recipes for you. I lost 6Lb in 3weeks and still loosing. Courtesy to Joanne my trainer. Kudoos” O.G. Edmonton