3 Nutrition Sessions – Weight Loss Exercise Program



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First session is goal setting, body measurements, a body composition tells us what your body fat percentage is vs muscle percentage and how many calories your body needs. Discuss alternatives to cravings.  We all have them.  I can put u on a meal plan or note what you eat on a daily to determine if you have the right macro nutrients in your current diet to lose weight.  Will go over how to reduce your calorie consumption to lose weight without starving.
Second session will be a review of your daily food consumption and recommended alterations and discuss over-coming challenges  In addition I will review what exercises you are doing to lose weight and give/show additional exercises which will  lose weight faster.  Will give you a weight loss weekly exercise program to follow to meet your weight loss goal in the period specified by yourself  Its all about consumption and exertion.
Third session will be a wrap up session.  We will do a final body comp and measurements and show u more progressive weight loss exercises for you continue with.
Each session is 45 minutes to allow for creation of meal plan, workout plan and alterations


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