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Positive thought about exercise



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Healthy Dining Out Tips


Be wary of the bread basket. I tend to stay away from this carby, high-calorie diet trap. I once read a statistic that the average bread eater takes in 500 calories from bread & butter per restaurant meal… and that’s

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Outsmart Cravings

A woman has sweet food snacks around her on in a grocery store. She has fear and there are donuts and cookies. Use it for a health or diet concept.

Have distraction strategies ready. Cravings are rarely about physical hunger. In fact, experts say that cravings typically last only 10 minutes. So if you can find something to do for that small amount of time, those cravings will likely pass! Try

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Healthy Fat Free Chips

beet chips

Beet/Sweet Potato Chips 1/2 of recipe (about 1 cup): 97 calories, 0.5g total fat (0g sat fat), 466mg sodium, 21.5g carbs, 6.5g fiber, 15g sugars, 3.5g protein SmartPoints® value 0* Prep: 10 minutes Cook: 2 1/2 hours Ingredients: 1 lb.

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6 Weight Loss Smoothies


  Nutritionists agree that incorporating a nutrient-dense smoothie into your daily diet can help avoid pound creepage by keeping hunger levels in check and even promote weight loss thanks to their filling fiber and muscle-building protein. To find out their

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12 Easy Ways to Drink More Water Every Day


1. Add flavor to your pitcher. Chugging several glasses of water a day can seem like torture when every cup is tasteless. Add a bit of excitement by dunking fresh fruit (grapefruit, strawberries, lemon), veggie slices (cucumber, ginger, celery), and

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Here’s Exactly How Much Water You Should Drink Every Day


The Institute of Medicine recommends that people get 2.7 liters—that’s 11 cups—of water per day. Note, they don’t say you need to drink 11 cups of water a day. That includes all sources of water—from a basic glass of tap,

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How can we avoid temptations?


Ritual helps the brain to reset.   The brain thrives on structure, so as you train your brain to get into a food routine, willpower is called on less and less. Cravings are simply the internal mechanisms of a brain

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Here is what an hour workout looks like


Single Milk  Single Sugar (Medium) – 50 calories Breakfast Sandwich – English Muffin,  Egg, Cheese  20% fat, – 280 calories This is how I evaluate my food choices.  The average person burns 410 calories per hour on an elliptical.   So this light

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Training Styles 101


  The term supersetting is becoming a mainstay in fitness vocabulary, and with good reason—pairing exercises in sets is an efficient way to work out because you can get more done in less time.  It’s often used as a catch-all term to

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