How to reduce fat or calories of your favorite recipe

If I want to make a recipe lower in calories and fat these are my normal substitutes.
I only use do one substitute at a time. (I always substitute stiff egg whites for eggs to ensure lightness of recipe is maintained)
I always start with a 50% substitution first to see how affects taste, texture and lightness.
I first substitute 1 eggs for 3T 3t of stiff egg whites to ensure that the recipe remains light then one at a time I try the following substitutes:
  1. whole wheat flour for white flour -one to one basis substitution
  2. apple sauce for oil/butter – one to one basis substitution
  3. sugarĀ  for Stevia – this is a tough substitution since Stevia is 3 times more sweeter – so I substitute accordingly
Feel free to see how your recipes nutrients change by copying the original recipe into the following Recipe Calorie and Nutrition Calculator.
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