6 Fitness Rules To Follow If You’re Trying To Lose Weight


  1. Be consistent.

Losing weight isn’t just a physical transformation, and the process can be stressful emotionally, too. Sometimes when people feel they aren’t losing weight as quickly as they would like, they get upset and can lose motivation. Everyone’s body is different and for some people it takes a lot longer to lose weight than others.  If it took years to gain the weight why expect it to fall off in 2 months?  Be consistent with your efforts and you will slowly lose the weight or become smaller.   Set realistic goals about your weight loss and continue to stick with your training even if you aren’t seeing immediate results.

  1. Don’t take on too much too quickly.

A good starting point is four workouts per week.  And when you’re not in the gym, make sure you’re doing things you enjoy.. It is not about spending hours in the gym, it is about training smart and efficiently. Make sure the four days that you commit to your workout, you commit to yourself and you really put in the work.

  1. Train smart, train hard.

Grab something heavy and carry it—it’s a simple move you can do that has significant weight-loss benefits. Taking some heavy stuff for a walk has multiple benefits including increased stability and increased fat loss. Additionally, your grip will get super strong for heavy traditional lifts down the line like deadlifts aand pull-ups.

  1. Continue to challenge yourself. 

A lot of people have the misconception that just because they want something it should happen instantly and be easy. For most people, especially when they are trying to lose weight, that’s not the case.   The journey comes with hard work and try to consistently challenge yourself along the way—that’s how you’ll start to see the results you want. You should be progressively making your workouts more difficult and increasing your weights.

  1. But don’t stress too much about missed workouts.

Exercising consistently is important, but, if you miss a session because you have to travel for work or can’t fit it into your already busy schedule, that’s OK. You’re still on track! Losing weight is about 60 percent diet, Focus on creating meal plans that work for you and squeeze your workouts in when you get the chance. Don’t disregard a day and give up on your plan just because you missed your workout.

  1. And make sure you’re taking time to recover.

When you’re trying to lose weight it’s important to take time to recover fully—so don’t feel bad for taking a day or two off! It’s so imperative that you allow your body to rest to prevent injuries and to ensure you’re workouts are being executed at a quality level. Remember quality over quantity,


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