18 Calorie – Burning tips if you do not have time to exercise

18 exercises to burn calories1. Move like you’re running late.

Not only will you burn extra calories, you’ll save time getting where you’re going! And once you start doing this, it’ll become second nature and the physical activity will really add up.

2. Trade coffee cups for walking shoes.

In other words, instead of meeting a friend for coffee, go for a walk together. Bonus: It’s a cash saver! (Sorry, Starbucks.)

3. Go sledding/tubing.

Don’t fight the winter weather — enjoy it! Grab some pals or the kiddos, and hit the nearest snowy hill. You’ll burn major calories dragging the sled up the hill, and you’ll be too excited about the ride down to care about the effort it took to get up.

4. Grab a faraway parking spot.

Why waste time circling the lot waiting for a closer spot to open up… only to argue with a fellow motorist over who put their blinker on first? Make a habit of parking toward the back of the lot for extra activity every time.

5. Play golf, indoor or outdoor.

But don’t take a cart! That’s right, play a leisurely round on the links, and carry that bag o’ clubs around with you too. It’s far from traditional¬†exercise,¬†but it’ll definitely torch some calories.

6. Go clothes shopping.

And try on bunch of stuff! Even if you don’t need any new clothes at the moment, you can add items to your wish list. (Bonus: Weight-loss inspiration!) Between the walking, standing, and changing of clothes, that’s a whole lotta movement.

7. Go bowling.

Change up your weekend outings. Bowling is a great alternative to the movie theater, and it’s definitely a more active get-together. Love it? Join a league! You’ll spend less money per game and burn more calories per week…

8. Take the stairs.

You’ve heard this before, but it’s a good one. Resist the escalators and skip the elevators (unless you’re in a high rise, of course) — the world is your StairMaster! Do this everywhere, and those steps really add up.

At Work

Calorie-Burning Tips for Exercise Haters: At Work

9. Set an hourly alarm, and do a quick lap around the office every hour.

Check in with coworkers, refill your water bottle (staying hydrated is way important), hit the restroom… Taking short breaks from your computer screen can actuallyboost productivity. And eight 5-minute walks add up to a whopping 40 minutes.

10. Go for a walk during your lunch break.

You don’t even need to put on exercise clothes — just throw on some sneakers. Too cold/hot/rainy/snowy/etc.? Hit the local mall to get your stroll on. There’s something oddly satisfying about leaving a mall without having spent money…

11. Stand instead of sitting at work.

Studies have found that sitting too long is bad for our health, so add a little standup to your work routine. Try standing for just 10 minutes an hour. If you love it, consideran adjustable standing desk!

At Home

Calorie-Burning Tips for Exercise Haters: At Home

12. Clean your house.

Another calorie burner with benefits! It keeps you off the couch and your clothes off the floor.

13. Dance around your living room.

If you’re shy, do it alone. Or crank the tunes, gather your family or roomies, and bust some moves! Why not?

14. Shovel snow/rake leaves.

Feel that sense of accomplishment as you clear your lawn, sidewalk, or driveway… Your neighbors just might ask to hire you for your services.

15. Take the dog on a long walk.

Your pet will appreciate it, you’ll be getting some low-key exercise, and you’ll both get some quality time together. Everyone wins.

16. Paint a room in your home.

A fresh coat of paint can really give new life and energy to a space, and it just so happens to take a fair amount of physical activity. Fun!

17. Reorganize your closet.

Burn calories while you clear out the clutter! Got a bunch of clothes to get rid of? Host a clothing swap with your buddies — try on everything, for extra calorie burn!

18. And, of course, Housewalk!

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